Donald Fagen on Megalomaniacal Dicks

EmminentI’ve been an unashamed lover of the music of Steely Dan since my mate Dylan lent me the Gold compilation album all of 22 years ago.  He bought it on cassette – How quaint! Wonder if he still has it.  Anyway, I bought front man Donald Fagen’s memoir, Eminent Hipsters, last week and was just perusing it there when I came across this gem on page 100.

“Back to the artist as a megalomanical dick: Just like in the civilian population, a nasty, rude fucker is nasty and rude because they’re scared of what you think of them.  It’s a defense.  Sometimes, the same stuff that made them so scared has also contributed to their creative nature, though I’ve found that the most unpleasant ones are usually mediocre artists as well.  This is because real art – I’m generalizing here – requires a certain level of empathy.”

Hmmmm…..Know anyone like that? I’m really looking forward to reading this book.



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