Presentism: Douglas Rushkoff on Chronos and Kairos

Douglas Rushkoff’s interview with FastCompany gives an interesting insight into the message behind his new book, Present Shock.     I found these quotes particularly interesting:

 “Presentism is the acknowledgement that human beings exist in a unique temporal landscape in which not all moments are the same. We’ve been taking digital technology and pushing it into service of the old, but working in an increasingly digital environment means forcing our digital operating systems to conform to human time, rather than the other way around.”

 “If we stop believing in a future, if we stop doing things for something else but start doing them for now, some fundamental things change. Retirement becomes less about how much money you can squirrel away now and much more a matter of participating and contributing to your own community now so that they want to take care of you. … We’re going to move into a world where your retirement will be more secure if you’ve made lots of friends with young people rather than collected lots of dollars.”



Rushkoff is giving a talk about the book in my favourite bookstore, City Lights, San Francisco, later today at 7 pm.


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